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About Our Approach

About Our Approach

The 21st century is characterized by increasing uncertainty, chaos, knowledge, obsolescence, and alienation of the individual from his/her self. It is, therefore, no surprise that most organizations, as well as institutions of the state, are facing a leadership crisis.

We believe that the leadership journey has to start with the individual; beginning with self- awareness and a positive attitude. The leadership credo is simple: lead yourself first, then others. Consequently, there is a greater emphasis on:

  • The quest for a higher purpose and giving meaning to life
  • Experiential learning through reflection, balanced work-life relations, and shifting the responsibility for learning from the organization to the individual
  • Setting long-term vision and goals
  • Creativity and the ability to live with adversities


The Leadership Journey

Niche leadership development programmes aimed at meeting the specific training needs of corporations are designed, co-created, implemented, and evaluated by a senior leadership team based on TNA. The flow is explained schematically.

Leadership Journey