Indus School of Leadership aims to be a center of excellence for preparing transformational leaders who can meet all the challenges of the 21st century through experiential learning, traditional values, and the preferred application of 'soft power' to achieve personal and organizational goals.

To facilitate this, we offer online and off site leadership development programmes on climate leadership and other higher order leadership attributes which include:

Higher purpose and Vision | Strategic planning | Higher order perspectives | Art and Science of reflection | Living with diversity | Resilience and Change management | Dealing with failure and inspiring optimism| Emotional Intelligence| Team of Teams| Adaptability| Time management| Suistainable living | Bio diversity | Scalable Reciprocity| Climate change, mitigation and adaptation

The above courses have been carefully drafted as per the end goals the participants wish to achieve. These are customized blended programmes with both online and onsite

Online curriculum for corporates include:

Climate leadership | Vision and Purpose | Adaptability | Team of teams| Synergy