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The School

About Us

Indus School of Leadership (ISL) is one of India's premier leadership training institutes. The leadership development philosophy is based on acquiring the ability to lead oneself first, then others. Consequently, we focus on the process of experiential learning with guided reflection for a heightened self-awareness.

ISL partners with corporations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our partnership starts from identifying specific training requirements and basis that we design and conduct customized leadership development programmes. These provide individual and group assessments & follow up with remedial follow-up training.

The ISL Vision

To be the center of excellence for preparing transformational leaders to meet all the challenges of the 21st century, through experiential learning, traditional values, and the preferred application of 'soft power' to achieve personal & organizational goals.


Leadership Competencies

In the global business scenario with a wide range of multination companies operating across varied markets, it is imperative for successful leaders to consistently demonstrate a specific set of leadership competencies. These competencies of head & heart set one apart from other leaders and managers, and enable them to achieve the desired results.

Lead Make the team, Live the Vision Establish Trust
Leads by example.
Provides Purpose and Motivation.
Inspires team around a shared Vision.
Build trust outside lines of authority. Understand Sphere, Means and limits of influence Negotiate, Build Consensus, Resolve Conflict.
Develop Creates a Positive Environment Continous self/organization renewal
Assess development needs.
Develop on the job.
Support professional and personal growth.
Help people team
Counsel, coach and mentor.
Build team skills and processes
Set the conditions for positive climate.
Build Teamwork and Cohesion.
Encourage initiatives.
Demonstrate care for people
Be prepare for expected and unexpected challenges.
Expand knowledge.
Constantly Challenges self
Achieve Decision Making Achieves Results
Assimilates and analyses information arrives at the right decision.
Provides direction, guidance, and priorities.
Develop and execute plans.
Accomplishes tasks consistently.