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About Our Approach

The 21st century is characterized by increasing uncertainty, chaos, knowledge, obsolescence, and alienation of the individual from his/her self. It is, therefore, no surprise that most organizations, as well as institutions of the state, are facing a leadership crisis.

We believe that the leadership journey has to start with the individual; beginning with self-awareness and a positive attitude. The leadership credo is simple: lead yourself first, then others. Consequently, there is a greater emphasis on:

  • The quest for a higher purpose and giving meaning to life
  • Experiential learning through reflection, balanced work-life relations, and shifting the responsibility for learning from the organization to the individual
  • Setting long-term vision and goals
  • Creativity and the ability to live with adversities


The Leadership Journey

Niche leadership development programmes aimed at meeting the specific training needs of corporations are designed, co-created, implemented, and evaluated by senior leadership team based on TNA. The flow is explained schematically.

leader journey ISL



We offer different programmes to cater to different management cadres which include:

Pathfinder:Specially developed for young executives

Spearhead:Has been specifically designed for middle level managers

Pinnacle:Is targeted at senior leadership and those who are part of a succession plan In addition, we also facilitates Leadership Retreats to enable reflection and the reinvention of the self.

Pathfinder / Spearhead:For young executives (Pathfinders) and middle-level managers (Spearhead) we conduct leadership capsules based on the Nine Box model.

The Nine Box model: The nine box model is a model to understand the performance scores vis a vis leadership score. On the one axis stands the performance scores and on the other stands the leadership score.

leadership axis image

The first task of the model is to plot the individual/team to understand the leadership vis-a-vis performance strength of the individual/team. This will help in arriving at the potential triangle members of the organization and plan for them. It gives an input to the leadership pipeline for the organization.

Competencies which can be developed under these programmes include:

Pathfinder Spearhead Pinnacle
Goal settingRisk takingStress managementCommunication skillsTime managementTeam work Goal settingResource managementProblem solvingPlanning and OrganizingTeam buildingRisk taking Higher order perspectivesCritical thinkingEthics and valuesStrategizingLiving with diversityChange managementLiving with diversityDealing with failure and inspiring optimism