Leadership Program

Educational Institutions

Indus School of Leadership aims to be a center of excellence for preparing transformational leaders who can meet all the challenges of the 21st century through experiential learning, traditional values, and the preferred application of 'soft power' to achieve personal and organizational goals.

We employ a blended learning approach where in higher order concepts are developed on line and the same is practiced on site when during the students sojourn the ISL campus. The curriculum is scientifically designed, age appropriate and progressive. Students are awarded a certificate of completion at the culmination of the programmes. To facilitate this, we offer leadership training programmes to different age groups which include.

Curriculum PYP MYP DP
Online Bio Mimetics Goal Setting Climate change, Mitigation and Adaptation Adaptability Eudaimonia Vision and Purpose Team of teams
On site Team design Challenge Team work Persuasive Communication Web of life Future learning Climate change, mitigation and adaptation Positive Risk Taking Adaptability Synergy Scalable Reciprocity Local and Global Focus Adaptability Synergy

The above courses have been carefully drafted as per the end goals the participants wish to achieve, however, if the participants so desire, the elements of several courses can be interchanged to chalk up a course that is customized as per the participant’s needs.

Leadership programmes for Educators

Leadership programmes for Educators

Aimed at developing transformational leaders, the competencies that are developed under this program include:

Climate leadership | Vision and Purpose | Emotional Intelligence | Team of teams| Wellness

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the students, which is so essential for leaders of 21st century, Indus School of Leadership conducted a uniquely designed training and development program for Indus Start-up School.

The prime focus of the program was to develop the capacity for imagination, inventiveness and initiative to solve problems and exploit opportunities of the new highly dynamic, fast-paced and interconnected world.

The program decoded and developed entrepreneurial skills not only in business context but in a wider perspective wherein a person can undertake megaprojects, in economic, social or political contexts, in a sustainable and significant manner. The undermentioned competencies were built among the students through a variety of tools and techniques, keeping the sessions immersive and engaging.

  • Action-driven leadership (Inventiveness and Initiative)
  • Innovation (Empathy, Curiosity, Collaboration and Risk-taking)
  • Life skills (Zest for life, Synergy and Happiness)

The six-months online program incorporated experiential and adventure-based learning wherein the students participated in a variety of activities, reflected on and discussed a range of concepts, and took decisions and actions for their entrepreneurship endeavors.